Councils & Committees

AIA’s policy and advocacy positions are developed through its network of councils, committees, and working group or subcommittees, which are organized by subject and issue under the appropriate AIA divisions. In general, Full Members have the opportunity to participate in all councils, committees, and working groups, while Associate Members are limited to participating in the Supplier Management Council and on working groups or subcommittees.

UPDATE 7/16/15! As part of our strategic path forward, the councils, committees, and working groups (CCWGs) are being reduced, restructured and realigned as a result of our value proposition study.  Simply, the CCWGs are being more closely aligned to our strategy and more focused on output.  As a result, initially, the study reduces 12 of our CCWGs.  They include, Procurement & Finance Executive; Government Property; Legal; Overseas Contracting; Cost of Regulations; Chief Financial Officers; National Security Policy; Business Technology; Workforce Diversity; Conflict Minerals; and Messaging & Branding. As the reviews and reductions are completed, we will finalize the website to reflect all changes.

To see a visual representation of how we are assessing and changing the CCWGs, see this chart.