For Suppliers

Supplier Management Council

The Supplier Management Council is a unique forum that meets three times per year where supply chain representatives of all sizes come together to discuss issues affecting the industry. It also provides a unique forum for one-on -one business meetings with other suppliers.


Government Property Management Standards

These are best practice guidelines for the management of government property. From leading practices to metrics, definitions and tools, AIA is helping suppliers at all levels - from prime contractors to subcontractors - better understand and comply with government requirements. 


AIA Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Supplier Database

The AIA Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) supplier database is a resource for international suppliers to ensure compliance with U.S. regulatory policy and reduce the paperwork burden on participants in the program.



All participants in the aerospace value chain should be able to exchange information relative to product design, business relationships, transactions, and product support across an information backbone which is open and accessible to all. AIA's E-Business center helps make that happen.