Government Property Management Standards

AIA Property Management Plan (Template)

This document is a template that your company may use to better manage government property.  This template is an overview of what constitutes commonly held best practices for the aerospace and defense industry. It is not a legal document and should not be viewed as such. These guidelines are required by FAR 52.245-1 Government Property.

AIA Property Plan

Aerospace Industry Procedure Template Guideline

These document will help guide the establishment and performance standards of contractor Property Management processes and procedures. Please refer to the Procedure Template Guideline for instructions on how to use the Procedure Template document. When utilizing the template, an entity must be aware that all or part of this template may be utilized.

AIA Procedure Template Guideline

AIA Procedure Template

AIA Self Assessment Metrics Definitions, Guidelines & Tools

These guidelines, definitions, and metric tools are considered Industry Leading Practices on the performance of Contract Property Management Self Assessments and measuring the health of a property management system. Based on the maturity of the property management system, an entity must determine which metrics they will utilize and in turn which of these documents, will be used in whole or part.

AIA Metrics Definitions and Guidelines

AIA Metrics Tool

AIA Industry Leading Practices

These Industry Leading Practices (ILP) are documented to assist in the establishment and performance of contract property management plans, processes, and systems.  When implementing these ILPs, an entity may utilize all or part of these practices. 

AIA Industry Leading Practices for Property Management

AIA Industry Leading Practices Guidelines for Property Management

Guideline for Contractor Self Assessment for Government Owned Property

This guideline creates an Industry standard for Contractor Self Assessment process (CSA) for Government Property management to comply with the FAR 52.245-1 Government Property, while providing reasonable assurance in assessing the effectiveness of a contractor’s property management system.

Contractor Self Assessment Guideline for Property Management

Subcontractor Flow Down Terms & Conditions Template

This guideline provides suggested language for standardizing a prime contractor’s flow down requirements to a subcontractor or supplier that possesses Government owned property.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (Property Management)

Supplier Surveillance Standard Form for Performing Subcontractor Assessments

This form provides a standard template for obtaining supplier information in assessing the health, strength, and compliance of a supplier’s property management system.

Survey of Supplier’s Property Management System


* These documents are best practice documents only and should not be viewed as legal documents. For guidance on handling government contract compliance, please consult with a lawyer.