The Export-Import Bank Toolkit

The Export-Import Bank has, for more than 80 years, stood as a bipartisan institution that has fueled economic growth in the U.S. by helping businesses export goods globally. In 2013, the Bank earned $1.1 billion dollars for American taxpayers, supported more than $37 billion of U.S. exports, and maintained 205,000 American jobs.

Even as the Bank’s benefits are clearly defined, certain elected officials still stand in the way of American growth and seek to impede the success of small businesses. It is past time that these elected officials wakeup to the need for the Bank and support its reauthorization.

That is why AIA is dedicated to supporting the businesses in our industry that utilize the Bank and to spread the word about the need to reauthorize the Bank. We do encourage you to take action to support the bank which is why we have included all of our resources below along with a link for you to write to you elected officials to urge their support.


Recent Ex-Im Bank Ads

The Ex-Im Bank has been supported by well known political figures from both parties for decades which is why it should be reautorized today.

AIA: Ex-Im Bank Epitomizes Bipartisan Support

The Ex-Im Bank helps U.S. companies break into overseas markets where they would otherwise be lose contracts to foreign competitors.

AIA: Ex-Im Bank Enables U.S. Exports

The Ex-Im Bank helps level the playing field against 59 other foreign countries who enjoy the support of their own versions of the Bank.

AIA: Ex-Im Bank Levels the Playing Field

The Ex-Im Bank has always been pro-business, so a vote against the Bank is a vote against business.

AIA: Ex-Im Bank Supports Small Business

Ex-Im Bank Resources

AIA's latest report on the Ex-Im Bank highlights the importance that the organization plays in boosting America's ability to compete in global manufacturing. 

AIA: Leveling the Playing Field Report

This infographic is a helpful all in resource and fact sheet to help you learn more about the Ex-Im Bank.

AIA: Ex-Im Bank Infographic

This quote sheet illustrates the support the Ex-Im Bank received in President Reagan's annual budget requests.

AIA: Quote Sheet on Ex-Im Bank

This one-page document compares America's Ex-Im Bank funding against other leading export nations.

AIA: Global Competitiveness

This fact sheet details the various small business sectors supported by Ex-Im Bank.

AIA: Ex-Im Bank Supports Small Businesses

Open Letter to Congress on the Need for the Export-Import Bank of the U.S. 

Click here for the Letter