AIA Statement on WTO Subsidies Decision

Mar. 31, 2011

The Aerospace Industries Association welcomes the final ruling of the World Trade Organization 353 Panel, which rejected all but a fraction of Europe’s claims against the United States of illegal subsidization of its large commercial aircraft industry. Of the $23.7 billion in European claims of illegal subsidies, only $2.7 billion were found to be inconsistent with WTO rules ($2.6 billion of which were NASA R&D funds).

This outcome is the reverse of the recent 316 Panel ruling, where 80 percent of U.S. claims of illegal European subsidies were upheld, totaling $20.1 billion. These combined…

Aerospace Ready to Support President’s Energy Policy

Mar. 30, 2011

President Obama’s remarks today outlined an exciting blueprint to achieve a long-term energy security policy for our nation. He highlighted the commitment of the U.S. Air Force to obtain half of its domestic jet fuels from alternative sources by 2016.

The commercial aviation industry is also doing its part to be a responsible environmental steward. The Aerospace Industries Association, a founding member of the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative, is also part of an international coalition committed to 1.5 percent per year fuel efficiency gains annually through 2020, carbon neutral growth from 2020 and…

AIA Urges Full Defense Appropriations Bill

Mar. 28, 2011

Industry is increasingly concerned about the lack of a completed fiscal year 2011 budget and reliance on continuing resolutions. Secretary Gates and senior military officers have made it very clear that funding the Defense Department through continuing resolutions creates significant problems for the Pentagon and our men and women in uniform.

Without the predictability that comes with a fiscal year budget, program delays increase, costs increase and companies are faced with the prospect of downsizing the workforce, potentially disrupting the aerospace industrial base. In order for programs to be effectively managed not only at DOD but…

SMC eUpdate - Mar. 2011

Mar. 28, 2011
March 23,…

SMC eUpdate - Feb. 2011

Mar. 28, 2011
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