Our Nation’s Fiscal Crisis Must Be Addressed

Jul. 15, 2011

America’s business leaders have watched patiently as our political leaders have sought to negotiate a solution to the growing fiscal challenge facing our country. The business community understands the difficulties we are facing—from growing entitlement costs to outsized debt burdens—and we have made the hard choices within our own organizations to be fiscally responsible.

Our political leaders cannot afford to delay making these tough choices any longer and as a country we cannot afford to default on our obligations, which would only lead to higher prices for all Americans for gas, mortgages and groceries…

Jim Albaugh,  remarks to the National Aeronautic Association

Remarks by
Jim Albaugh, President & CEO, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
to the National Aeronautic Association
Crystal City, VA
July 13, 2011

AIA Concerned by NASA, NOAA Cuts

Jul. 12, 2011

The Aerospace Industries Association is concerned about the substantial cuts being made to the budgets of NASA and NOAA in the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice and Science markup of the fiscal year 2012 appropriations bill.

“We recognize that tough economic times call for tough choices,” said AIA President and CEO Marion C. Blakey. “However, cutting NASA and NOAA this deeply threatens American leadership in space and impairs our ability to make life-saving weather predictions.”

The subcommittee’s markup cuts NASA’s space programs by 10 percent from the President’s request and nearly 13 percent from…

Linda P. Hudson, Chief Executive Officer, BAE Systems remarks to NCMA World Congress

Remarks by Linda P. Hudson, CEO, BAE Systems,
NCMA World Congress, Denver, Colorado, July 11, 2011

AIA Marks End of an Era with Last Shuttle Launch

Jul. 08, 2011

The Aerospace Industries Association congratulates NASA on a remarkable record of achievement marked by the successful launch of the final space shuttle flight.

Over the past thirty years, the space shuttle has had soaring successes including sending more than 350 astronauts from 20 nations into space, servicing the Hubble Space Telescope, linking up with the Mir Space Station of our former Soviet adversaries and building the International Space Station.

“The space shuttle has been an amazing American success story and a tribute to the men and women of NASA and the aerospace industry,” said AIA…