AIA Grows 44 Percent

Mar. 22, 2011

The Aerospace Industries Association enrolled ten new full members along with eleven associate members in the first quarter of 2011 to reach its highest total membership in history. In the fifteen months since January 2010, AIA has grown 44 percent and has not lost a single full member in that period.

“Our explosive growth over the last year really comes as no surprise,” said AIA President and CEO Marion C. Blakey. “AIA is on the front lines protecting aerospace and defense business and helping to develop growth opportunities for its members. During tough economic…

Slazer Named Head of Space Systems Division

Mar. 17, 2011

Frank Slazer, an executive with nearly 30 years of experience on space policy issues and programs, has joined AIA as the Vice President of Space Systems.

Frank SlazerFrank Slazer, VP, Space Systems

Most recently, Slazer developed and implemented business development strategies across the NASA civil space market for Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems. He was responsible for developing and managing customer relationships and all aspects of the business acquisition process.

Slazer was also director of Civil Space business development at United Launch Alliance and…

U.S. – EU Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement Welcomed

Mar. 16, 2011

The bilateral aviation safety agreement finalized by the United States and the European Union is a welcome step forward for trans-Atlantic cooperation.

The agreement strengthens long-standing safety cooperation, which has led to higher, common standards between the United States and Europe—a key to improving aviation safety throughout the world. It also allows for more efficient use of government resources through mutual reliance for inspections and oversight of aerospace maintenance organizations. The agreement can be expanded to include areas such as pilot licensing and training and allows for the resolution of highly controversial fees levied…

Marion C. Blakey, President and Chief Executive Officer, AIA “Our Quality Journey”

Marion C. Blakey
President and CEO
Aerospace Industries Association

American Society for Quality
Conference on Quality in the Space and Defense Industry
Cape Canaveral, Florida

Remarks as Prepared for Delivery

Tuesday, March 15, 8:15 a.m.
Radisson Resort at the Port

AIA Issues Report on Counterfeit Parts and Threat to the Supply Chain

Mar. 15, 2011

The volume of counterfeit parts in the supply chain is increasing, necessitating that mitigation plans be developed and implemented, according to a new report by AIA.

“The use of counterfeit parts in the aerospace industry may have life or death consequences,” said AIA President and CEO Marion C. Blakey. “Reducing their proliferation and potentially harmful effects requires increased diligence and active control measures from both industry and government.”

While the prevalence of counterfeit parts in the supply chain is difficult to quantify, in fiscal 2009, the Customs and Border Protection Service…