AIA Commends Budget Deal and Urges Passage

Statement by Aerospace Industries Association President and CEO Marion C. Blakey commending the Budget Conference Committee on its hard work and urging passage of both the budget deal and the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014.

Diverse group of leaders decry ‘slow decay’ of sequestration

Earlier this week leaders of a diverse range of organizations representing research universities, public service providers, aerospace and defense companies, and the broader manufacturing sector gave concrete examples of how federal budget cuts are harming the national interest.

Media Advisory: Sequestration and the American Workforce

Washington, D.C. – A broad range of organizations representing the business community, education, healthcare, manufacturing and other areas of American life will join together on December 2 to discuss the consequences of sequestration budget cuts on America’s workforce.

The defense industrial base: Not a bargaining chip

Between the now lamented government shutdown and the potential sequestration cuts slated for January, we are avoiding serious discussion about meeting the future needs of our nation while still addressing our deficit and debt problems.

Sequestration and the Defense Industrial Base

U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee, Defense Subcommittee Hearing

Marion C. Blakey, President and CEO
November 13, 2013