American, European CEOs Unite Behind ICAO Global Environmental Framework

Jul. 10, 2012

Farnborough, United Kingdom – Industry leaders from the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) and AIA exchanged views on a variety of topics Monday, ranging from CO2 certification and biofuels to the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

CEOs of some of the largest and most influential aerospace companies on both sides of the Atlantic discussed impacts of ETS implementation for industries on a global basis.  Starting in 2013, airlines will have to pay the EU for CO2 emissions from all flights that depart or arrive in the EU – including portions…

North Carolina Leaders Call for Action on Budget Sequestration

Jul. 09, 2012

“Mindless, Mechanical Cuts” Could Cost North Carolina More Than 11,000 Jobs

News Facts:

  1. 1. Industry and community leaders urge North Carolina’s congressional delegation to repeal more than $500 billion in aerospace and defense program cuts.
  2. 2. More than 11,000 N.C. jobs at risk with impending program cuts.
  3. 3. LORD Corporation and the Aerospace Industries Association to host roundtable to brief N.C. leaders on the issue.
  4. 4. N.C. Governor Bev Perdue weighs in, stating that sequestration cuts are a threat to the nation and North Carolina.

(Cary, N.C. – July…

Changing Course While Losing Altitude: Anglo-American Aerospace and Defense

Royal Aeronautical Society Keynote

Marion C. Blakey, President and CEO
July 5, 2012

Funding weather satellites crucial for storm forecasting

Jun. 29, 2012

Several years ago, when a senior government official was testifying before Congress in defense of weather-satellite budgets, he was stunned to be asked by a member, "Why are we building meteorological satellites when we have the Weather Channel?"

Those of us in the aerospace industry know the short answer: Without the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there would be no Weather Channel. The satellite imagery and data utilized by the Weather Channel and countless other reporting and predicting outlets are generated by satellites operated by NOAA and developed under the auspices of the National Aeronautics and…

Fix Arms Export Laws For Commercial Satellite Sales: AIA

Jun. 29, 2012

It is long past time for Congress to reform the current laws governing the export of commercial satellites – an outmoded and counterproductive system intended to enhance national security while inadvertently undermining America's domestic space industry, a recent Defense Department report makes clear.

Whatever Congress's good intentions when it passed this law in 1998, the results have crippled the U.S. space industry. The barriers to export have, in effect, turned the domestic space industry into a de facto arsenal sustained almost exclusively by U.S. military purchases.

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