AIA Supports New Aircraft Repair Security Regulations

Statement by Aerospace Industries Association President and CEO Marion C. Blakey supporting new aircraft repair station security rule published by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

AIA’s Workforce Policy Council Recommends Best Practices in Dealing with Workforce Disruptions

Author: Susan Lavrakas

Following the October 15 CEO call hosted by Marion Blakey, AIA’s Workforce Policy Council (WPC) on October 25 held a call-in session for member companies to discuss the workforce impacts of the federal government shutdown and best practices for dealing with the effects.  Practices shared with the WPC were compiled into a checklist of recommended actions for AIA members to consider in the event of another government shutdown or similar situations.  The checklist has been distributed by email to all AIA members and posted on the AIA website for future reference.

Two Recently Published Standards Reflect AIA’s Enhanced Hazardous Material Risk Management Approach

Author: Chantal joos de ter Beerst

On September 30, AIA’s NAS411 Working Group completed an important milestone with the release of the third revision of National Aerospace Standard 411 (“NAS411”), Hazardous Materials Management Program (“HMMP”) and the creation of a new standard known as NAS411-1, Hazardous Material Target List (“HMTL”).   In use for almost twenty years, AIA’s NAS411 provides a customizable process to reduce and manage HAZMAT risks in contractually-developed hardware (including their associated operating and support requirements), facilities construction and non-product maintenance and support services.   The new HMTL identifies and categorizes specific materials for risk management actions and was jointly developed by the Department of Defense and AIA to provide guidance on restrictions and/or reporting requirements for HAZMAT on military contracts.

Diverse Set of Organizations Decry Impact of Budget Cuts on the American Workforce

Author: Adam Kostecki

On December 2, leaders of a diverse range of organizations representing research universities, public service providers, aerospace and defense companies, and the broader manufacturing sector gave concrete examples of how long-term federal budget cuts are harming the national interest. The hashtag #AmericanWorkforce was the social rally cry that gave this message legs to reach a broader audience of people online.

Digital Data Standards Video now available

Author: Chris Carnahan

A new Strategic Standardization Forum for Aerospace (SSFA) video demonstrates the value of providing standards as digital data. Standards content is typically provided in a paper or PDF document. The SSFA is discussing ways that standards developers supporting the aerospace and defense industry can provide standards content in a digital format. The video shows how one manufacturer has converted their internal company standards into a format that can be used and read by downstream applications. The process offers improvements in data quality, interoperability, and reduced costs.