2017 Spring Board of Governors Strengthens Prominence, Significance, and Unified Voice of American aerospace and defense

As the Aerospace Industries Association completes its 2017 Spring Board of Governors meeting, we set out on the next chapter for our members, and on the next chapter for our industry.  As a Nation, we face increasing and seemingly unavoidable pressures: international competition, overregulation, workforce shortages, fiscal unpredictability and asymmetric threats. By convening the leadership of aerospace and defense, our Nation’s military and the public sector, it is AIA’s enduring goal to bring clarity and solutions to this ever-evolving set of issues.

As AIA convened its Spring Board of Governors meeting at The Greenbrier, our focus, first and foremost, was to promote US leadership in aerospace and defense.  We do this by speaking in a unified voice. Thanks to the incredible participation and leadership of our members at important meetings like this, where we can identify those solutions and unify our voice, we continue to strengthen both the prominence and significance of American aerospace and defense.  Just as critical though is the opportunity to look towards the future, finding ways to best serve the 1.7 million employees of an industry driving the American economy and collectively advocating for the policies and regulations that will ensure our ability to continue fueling the economic engine of America.

Our Board meetings also provided the important opportunity to welcome our new members to AIA, where they join over 300 of America’s finest large and small businesses in the A&D sector.  As an association, we understand the value of our relationships.  These meetings afford the opportunity to reiterate that value.

Over the last week, prominent speakers and panelists from across government, industry, and so many other essential partners addressed a wide range of relevant topics, from NextGen aviation and space policy to cyber security and our Nation’s political landscape.  Across those conversations and the margins in between, members found new opportunities for success of their companies, and new relationships with colleagues across the industry.

To our AIA members who joined us in West Virginia: Thank you for your participation in the important dialogues that took place last week.  To companies of the aerospace and defense sector who haven’t yet joined the voice of our industry in AIA: We welcome you to join us as a member, and in shaping the future of the aerospace and defense industry.