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Aerospace and Defense in India: An Important Security Partner and Expanding Commercial Market

Recently, our own Kelvin Stroud had the opportunity to travel to India and visit with government, industry and nonprofit leaders as part of a seven-person bipartisan American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) delegation. The ACYPL has coordinated leadership exchanges between the U.S. and India since 1979 and were responsible for now Prime Minister Modi’s first and only visit to the U.S. before becoming Prime Minister.

Don’t Interfere with Aviation Safety: Test 5G Spectrum Allocation

During this year’s holiday travel season, over 50 million people will jet off to their destination. Upon boarding their flights, passengers won’t be greeted with Jingle Bells, but an announcement prompting them to turn their cellphones off once the cabin door closes. Why? Because using a cell phone may interfere with a plane’s navigation and […]

Texas Community Helps NASA Understand Supersonic Future

A public park on a wet and windy day in Galveston, Texas, isn’t the usual location where people imagine cutting edge research into futuristic technology is done. But this is where representatives of the aviation industry, including AIA, and aviation regulators from across the globe gathered to understand what the future of supersonic travel might […]

National Apprenticeship Week Q&A: Jean Wallace, Lockheed Martin

Following President Trump’s Executive Order on Expanding Apprenticeships in America, the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry has increasingly worked to promote effective work-based development programs as a more affordable pathway to highly-skilled, high-paying jobs. In honor of National Apprenticeship Week (Nov. 12-Nov. 18), we spoke to some of our members about the impact of apprenticeships […]

National Apprenticeship Week Q&A: Lisa Teague, Rolls-Royce

Following President Trump’s Executive Order on Expanding Apprenticeships in America, the A&D industry has made significant strides to promote effective work-based development programs as a more affordable pathway to highly-skilled, high-paying jobs. In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week (Nov. 12-Nov. 18), we reached out to some of our members to learn more about how apprenticeships […]

Inspiring the Next Generation of Explorers

For hundreds of years, people have dreamed of reaching worlds unknown. And now, brilliant scientists are innovating, and artists are envisioning, a way for humans to explore planets across the universe. Through their work, our journey to Mars is more than just a dream, it’s quickly becoming a reality. On Monday, November 5 we were […]

Stories of Inspiration: Project Mars Winner Ricardo

Inspiration can come from everywhere – even worlds far beyond our own. The Project Mars competition brought us short films and posters that push the boundaries of imagination and show us a future on the Red Planet with the power to inspire future scientists and artists for years to come. This week we heard from […]

Stories of Inspiration: Project Mars Poster Winner Adrianna

With dozens of incredible posters submitted through the Project Mars competition, we were inspired by the unique visions of our future on Mars. This week, we checked in with our First Place poster winner, Adrianna Allen of Michigan. Adrianna’s 3D model and digital print shows a strand of DNA as a ladder from Earth to […]

Stories of Inspiration: Project Mars Winners Divya, Subigya & Mayukh

Divya Mayukh Subigya Through the hundreds of submissions to the Project Mars competition, we witnessed incredible displays of creativity – but only a few students could win for their imagining of our Mission to Mars. Led by SciArt Exchange and NASA, Project Mars gave students across the country an opportunity to envision our future on […]

Project Mars Inspires Visions of the Future

For generations, film and art have inspired the development of future technologies and policies. From the 1980s Matthew Broderick classic War Games to the sci-fi future of Gattica, what might seem like fiction today often becomes reality in the decades ahead. Project Mars, a competition spearheaded by the SciArt Exchange and NASA, aims to stir […]

Aerospace & Defense Lead the Way in Fortune’s Most Powerful Women

We already know that there are powerhouse women in the aerospace and defense industry because we work with them and represent them every day. If you weren’t sure of that before, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women list makes clear that their leadership is having an impact. In the 2018 edition of the list, 16 Aerospace Industries […]

Getting the Environment Right for Future Aviation Innovation

Today, we travel the world at speeds we previously thought impossible. Goods and services move through supply chains that span every corner of the globe to fuel our modern economy. We explore space, and satellite technology links computers and cell phones around the world to keep information at our fingertips in even the most remote […]