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Project Mars Inspires Visions of the Future

For generations, film and art have inspired the development of future technologies and policies. From the 1980s Matthew Broderick classic War Games to the sci-fi future of Gattica, what might seem like fiction today often becomes reality in the decades ahead. Project Mars, a competition spearheaded by the SciArt Exchange and NASA, aims to stir […]

Stories of Inspiration: Project Mars Winners Divya, Subigya & Mayukh

Divya Mayukh Subigya Through the hundreds of submissions to the Project Mars competition, we witnessed incredible displays of creativity – but only a few students could win for their imagining of our Mission to Mars. Led by SciArt Exchange and NASA, Project Mars gave students across the country an opportunity to envision our future on […]

Stories of Inspiration: Project Mars Poster Winner Adrianna

With dozens of incredible posters submitted through the Project Mars competition, we were inspired by the unique visions of our future on Mars. This week, we checked in with our First Place poster winner, Adrianna Allen of Michigan. Adrianna’s 3D model and digital print shows a strand of DNA as a ladder from Earth to […]

Stories of Inspiration: Project Mars Winner Ricardo

Inspiration can come from everywhere – even worlds far beyond our own. The Project Mars competition brought us short films and posters that push the boundaries of imagination and show us a future on the Red Planet with the power to inspire future scientists and artists for years to come. This week we heard from […]