Dubai Air Show: Laying the Groundwork for Our Future

Air shows are an opportunity to showcase the industry and our innovative technologies that move, connect, and inspire the world. As aerospace and defense leaders convene in Dubai next week, the Aerospace Industries Association is proud to represent American aerospace and defense and show the world the very best of our industry.

The air show comes at a very important time in our association’s history – 2019 marks our 100th anniversary. This milestone is a chance to celebrate both the historic achievements of aerospace and defense that have shaped our society and the global partners who helped make those achievements possible.

But our 100-year anniversary is not only an opportunity to reflect on the past. It’s also a moment to imagine the future of our industry.

That is why we are proud to grow our presence in Dubai – to strengthen our relationships with global partners and allies and work together to develop new cutting-edge technologies that will inspire and shape our future. Our 2019 Facts and Figures showed that the industry’s world-wide impact grew in 2018, as exports rose to $151 billion this past year. And through continued efforts to strengthen international relationships – including our work at the Dubai Airshow – we can build on that success.

These partnerships are a part of future innovations as well. This year, AIA published our “What’s Next for Aerospace and Defense: A Vision for 2050,” which delivers our analysis on future technologies and the extent to which they’ll be part of our everyday lives by 2050.

From the ease and convenience of urban air mobility to the speed of supersonic air travel and the promise of emerging commercial space, the future of our industry will continue to revolutionize our world.

But to realize this future, we have to start laying the groundwork today. That starts with the right investments, the right policy and regulatory frameworks, the right workforce, and of course, the right partners. We’re honored to be in Dubai for the air show and hope that our work in the United Arab Emirates will strengthen global relations and inspire aerospace leaders around the world. Over the next week, our team on the ground in Dubai will share their experiences at the air show through our blog and on social media. Follow along as we showcase how we’re leading “The Way to What’s Next.”