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November 17 - 17

BOG SIGNATURE WEBINAR SERIES: India: Market of Challenges and Opportunities

As a nation of more than one billion people aspiring to regional leadership in South Asia and global leadership, India seeks capable armed forces with world-class equipment. Its rising middle class is fueling economic growth and industrial self-reliance. With a strong technology sector, India must still rely on non-Indian industry for some of their equipment while seeking to maintain sovereignty and independence. Regional rivals (e.g. Pakistan and China) seek to frustrate the Indian government...

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November 19 - 19

BOG SIGNATURE WEBINAR SERIES: NASA's Exploration Roadmap with Administrator Bridenstine

Administrator Bridenstine is leading NASA's ambitious effort to return humans to the Moon while also undertaking groundbreaking scientific missions and aeronautics research on next generation aviation technologies. During this webinar, he will discuss NASA's next steps to return Americans to the Moon and venture onto Mars. Join AIA and Administrator Bridenstine on November 19 at 3:00 pm EST for this discussion and Q&A as part of the Board of Governors Signature Webinar Series.  Pro...

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Monika Nielsen, CMP

Vice President, Corporate Events

Kristyn Walecka

Coordinator, Corporate Events