AIA leading the way on the Manufacturing & Defense Industrial Base of the Future

What do more government support for STEAM education and a streamlined DOD acquisition policy have in common? These are two of the recommendations the defense and aerospace industry is making to the Trump Administration to ensure the health of the Defense Industrial Base. In anticipation of an interagency assessment mandated by Executive Order 13806 being finalized and sent to the President, today we are sharing our recommendations in a new paper titled “Fostering the Manufacturing & Defense Industrial Base of the Future.”

Since the Trump Administration issued the Executive Order in July of 2017, we have welcomed attention and concern from the highest levels of the Administration for the health of the industrial base and commitment to enhancing its strength and resilience. But we also know that the most effective policies come from public-private sector collaboration. So, in concert with the government’s efforts, AIA stood up an Industrial Base Working Group of senior industry thought leaders to facilitate a series of substantive discussions that we believe can help inform the government’s way forward and our own.

The work of this group is captured in the paper we’re releasing today and it shows how existing trends, conditions, and practices have shaped where we are today. Importantly, it offers recommendations under four pillars that we believe will deliver the manufacturing and defense industrial base required for our national security needs:

  • Robust, balanced, and stable budgets;
  • streamlined acquisition policy;
  • stewardship of key capabilities; and,
  • a talented workforce should be cornerstones of these efforts.

We look forward to continuing to engage with the Administration as they move forward on our shared goal of ensuring the United States can continue to lead the world in innovation and maintain our global military superiority.

Read the full report: “Fostering the Manufacturing & Defense Industrial Base of the Future.”