Our Leadership

Eric Fanning

President & Chief Executive Officer, Aerospace Industries Association

Robert E. Durbin

Chief Operating Officer, Aerospace Industries Association

Ginette C. Colot

Chief Financial Officer, Secretary-Treasurer

Senior Staff

Timothy McClees

Vice President of Legislative Affairs

Leslie Riegle

Assistant Vice President, Civil Aviation

Brian Crowley

Assistant Vice President, Human Resources & Operations

Caitlin Hayden

Vice President, Communications

John Luddy

Vice President, National Security Policy

Remy Nathan

Vice President, International Affairs

Monika Nielsen, CMP

Vice President, Corporate Events

Rusty Rentsch

Vice President, Technical Operations & Workforce

David Silver

Vice President, Civil Aviation

Frank Slazer

Vice President, Space Systems & Workforce Policy

Alex Wagner

Vice President, Strategy and Integration, Senior Advisor to the President

Jason Yaley

Vice President, Membership & Strategic Development