Executive Committee & Board of Governors Responsibilities

Member representatives serving on the Board and ExCom agree to assume the following responsibilities:

  • Act as visionaries for the organization
  • Ensure adherence to AIA’s mission, vision and code of ethics
  • Ensure the perpetuation of the organization
  • Maintain, develop, and expand programs and services for the membership
  • Make decisions based not on personal interests, the interests of the member’s company, or other special interests, but always on what is best for the majority of the AIA membership
  • Act in the best interests of the organization
  • Ensure the safety and protection of AIA’s assets and resources
  • Ensure that the organization has sufficient resources and staff to carry out Board and Executive Committee policies
  • Attend and actively participate in all Board meetings

Serving on the Board of Governors & Executive Committee

Member companies and individuals are selected to serve on the Board and ExCom based on a number of factors, including size of the member company, involvement and activity within the Association, and prior service.

Members that pay the Association’s highest dues level, referred to as “maximum dues payers,” have seats on the ExCom that renew every year. Six additional rotating seats are held by Full Members, and one seat is reserved for an Associate Member representative.

The size of the Board varies depending on the total number of AIA full member companies in a given year. Current members of AIA are divided into three categories based on their most current U.S. aerospace sales.

Category I

Consists of the top third of full member companies by sales. All Category I members have standing seats on the Board of Governors.

Category II

Consists of the second third of companies by sales. Forty percent of Category II members serve on the Board. Nominees of eligible members are selected from Category II to serve two one-year terms. After the second year is completed, members must wait one year before becoming eligible to serve on the Board again.

Category III

Consists of the last third of companies by sales. Fifteen percent of Category III members serve on the Board. Nominees of eligible members are selected from Category III and serve a one-year term as Governors. Companies must wait one year after serving to be eligible to serve on the Board again.

Factors Considered in Selecting the Board of Governors and Executive Committee

The following factors are considered by the Nominating Committee in making recommendations for members to serve on the Board and ExCom:

  • Length of AIA membership
  • Management level within the company (President and CEO level)
  • Attendance record at major meetings and events, including the Board of Governors and
  • Membership Meeting
  • Participation levels by the member company in AIA’s councils and committees
  • Level of support of AIA programs and events
  • Familiarity with the Association and industry
  • Unique skills and/or expertise

In making recommendations, the Nominating Committee also takes into account the current composition of the ExCom, size of the member companies, and segments of the industry represented.

Self-Nominating for the Board of Governors and Executive Committee

If you are interested in serving on the Board, ExCom, Nominating or Finance Committees, please send your requests to:

Ben Stone, Senior Vice President, Operations, at ben.stone@aia-aerospace.org. Should you have any questions, he can also be reached at (703) 358-1056.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee recommends a slate of candidates for the ExCom, Board, and its Officers, which is ratified by the ExCom and Full Members at the Fall Board of Governors Meeting. The Nominating Committee is chaired by the former ExCom Chair. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee appoints the representatives, which consist of up to seven Board members.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for advising the Executive Committee and Board on financial matters, including preparing and submitting an annual budget for the Association, reviewing the annual audit and investment policy, and recommending dues adjustments. The Finance Committee is chaired by the current ExCom Vice Chair. The Chair appoints the representatives to the Finance Committee, which consists of up to seven Board members.