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The Industry is in a Solid Shape

MT US Editor, Marvin Leibstone recently had the privilege of developing an interview with the President and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) of America John Douglass.

Export Control System Needs Modernization

A quick look at foreign trade figures from 2006 in the aerospace and defense industry reveals some impressive statistics. A total of $85.2 billion in exports fueled an industry trade surplus of $54.8 billion, a lofty figure made even more remarkable when you consider our nation’s overall trade deficit.

Investing in Readiness

The current U.S. housing crisis – with suddenly skyrocketing interest rates and unexpectedly large payments for homeowners coming due – holds some lessons for defense budget planners.

Space Debris: A Threat We Can’t “Duck”

Shouting “Duck!” is not enough when it comes to protecting critical national space assets and the lives of astronauts who regularly face tens of thousands of pieces of unforgiving, high-velocity space debris — some as small as nuts and bolts, others as large as whole sections of abandoned spacecraft — during missions above the Earth.

The QDR’s Missing Dimension

No responsible defense planner would devise a strategy that far exceeded the available forces. Any plans that relied on the spontaneous appearance of a million troops or twenty extra aircraft carriers would be laughed off the table as irrelevant and wishful.