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Stories of Inspiration: Project Mars Winner Ricardo

Inspiration can come from everywhere – even worlds far beyond our own. The Project Mars competition brought us short films and posters that push the boundaries of imagination and show us a future on the Red Planet with the power to inspire future scientists and artists for years to come. This week we heard from […]

Stories of Inspiration: Project Mars Poster Winner Adrianna

With dozens of incredible posters submitted through the Project Mars competition, we were inspired by the unique visions of our future on Mars. This week, we checked in with our First Place poster winner, Adrianna Allen of Michigan. Adrianna’s 3D model and digital print shows a strand of DNA as a ladder from Earth to […]

Stories of Inspiration: Project Mars Winners Divya, Subigya & Mayukh

Divya Mayukh Subigya Through the hundreds of submissions to the Project Mars competition, we witnessed incredible displays of creativity – but only a few students could win for their imagining of our Mission to Mars. Led by SciArt Exchange and NASA, Project Mars gave students across the country an opportunity to envision our future on […]

Project Mars Inspires Visions of the Future

For generations, film and art have inspired the development of future technologies and policies. From the 1980s Matthew Broderick classic War Games to the sci-fi future of Gattica, what might seem like fiction today often becomes reality in the decades ahead. Project Mars, a competition spearheaded by the SciArt Exchange and NASA, aims to stir […]

Aerospace & Defense Lead the Way in Fortune’s Most Powerful Women

We already know that there are powerhouse women in the aerospace and defense industry because we work with them and represent them every day. If you weren’t sure of that before, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women list makes clear that their leadership is having an impact. In the 2018 edition of the list, 16 Aerospace Industries […]

Getting the Environment Right for Future Aviation Innovation

Today, we travel the world at speeds we previously thought impossible. Goods and services move through supply chains that span every corner of the globe to fuel our modern economy. We explore space, and satellite technology links computers and cell phones around the world to keep information at our fingertips in even the most remote […]

Coalition for Aerospace and Science recognizes Sen. Nelson with “Champion of Aerospace and Science” award

Recognizing his ongoing and enduring support of the industry, the Coalition for Aerospace and Science (CAS) recently recognized Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) with its “Champion of Aerospace and Science” award at its second Annual Showcase of NASA Partnerships & Collaboration. Each year, CAS presents this award to a Member of Congress who has been a strong advocate for […]

Putting Trans-Atlantic Brainpower To Work On Aviation Safety

This week, the leaders and a wide range of experts from the FAA, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and industry are gathered in Washington D.C. for the annual International Aviation Safety Conference. The conference provides a forum for experts and authorities from both sides of the Atlantic to get around the same table and […]

AIA welcomes White House commitment to reforming commercial space policies

Having a strong domestic space industry is crucial to our nation’s economic vitality and security. The Aerospace Industries Association is pleased by the Trump Administration’s continued focus on reducing barriers for the commercial space industry to create new, well-paying jobs, increase exports and move into new markets. “We welcome the signing of Space Policy Directive 2 […]

Protecting Innovation is a Matter of National Security

On Tuesday, the House Financial Services and Senate Banking Committees met to mark up and move forward versions of the “Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act” (FIRRMA). These two bills are aimed at reforming the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) process and protecting U.S. technology. While this action isn’t making front […]

“Do Good. Be Good. Make Michigan Proud.” Eric Fanning Gives Positive Charge to University of Michigan Engineering Graduates

Michigan native Eric Fanning knew he faced an immediate challenge when he stood before hundreds of students, teachers and family members to give the graduation address to the University of Michigan College of Engineering class of 2018 on the last Saturday in April.  The school had thoughtfully provided academic regalia for Fanning featuring the green […]