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Local Economies Need Trade in Aerospace

Aerospace and defense trade supports jobs all over the United States. In many states, the A&D sector is the largest exporter and is a key contributor to the local economy. This is also true in my home state of Arkansas, where I had the opportunity to speak at the 2018 Summit for the Arkansas Aerospace […]

AIA leading the way on the Manufacturing & Defense Industrial Base of the Future

What do more government support for STEAM education and a streamlined DOD acquisition policy have in common? These are two of the recommendations the defense and aerospace industry is making to the Trump Administration to ensure the health of the Defense Industrial Base. In anticipation of an interagency assessment mandated by Executive Order 13806 being […]

New Worlds Beyond Our Own: TESS and Exoplanet Discovery

Imagine planets like nothing we’ve seen before – for instance, carbon-based worlds composed largely of diamonds. This week, scientists ramp up the search for new worlds as the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) embarks upon its mission to seek out distant star systems which may harbor planets. The mission reflects the dedicated work of NASA, […]

SkyFail: What happens if America’s satellites suddenly go down?

Americans rely on satellites every day – more than we even realize. Our greatest familiarity is with GPS, helping us find the fastest way to our destination and to order a ride at the push of a button. We use satellites for weather forecasting, not only to help us decide if we need to wear […]

The West Wing & Five Fun Facts About Air Force One

What does it take to keep Air Force One flying? The Aerospace Industry Association’s President and CEO, Eric Fanning, helps separate fact from fiction on America’s most important aircraft in The West Wing Weekly podcast, hosted by the actor Joshua Malina and Hrishikesh Hirway of Song Exploder. The podcast looks back at “Angel Maintenance” from […]

Writing the Next Chapter of Our Industry’s History

Writing the Next Chapter of Our Industry’s History A Message from Eric K. Fanning   This statement is an excerpt from the Spring 2018 Edition of AIA’s Executive Report. To view more articles and commentary, click here. In January 1919, at New York City’s Waldorf Astoria hotel, our founding members and aviation dignitaries gathered to […]

House Aerospace Caucus focuses on Vital Role of Government Investment

Progress in opening the national airspace to more unmanned aerial systems and supersonic aircraft, sending astronauts back into deep space and helping our armed forces defeat complex threats:  all are dependent on adequate national investment, effective interagency cooperation, and the development of a technologically capable workforce. These points were emphasized by three co-chairs of the […]

Space in the Spotlight

There’s a lot of excitement on Florida’s space coast as NASA gears up to launch the next great era of human space exploration, and private sector firms like Boeing, Sierra Nevada and SpaceX bring new energy to the burgeoning commercial space economy. The growing importance of space was highlighted on Wednesday at NASA’s Kennedy Space […]

Celebrating our Nation’s Engineers: Meet the Young Professionals Making a Difference

In honor of National Engineers Week (February 18-24), the Aerospace Industries Association is proud to highlight 15 engineers who are making a difference in the aerospace and defense industry. Trained in colleges and universities across the United States, these engineers are working on critical products that are taking us to new heights, ensuring our safety […]

AIA Petitions FCC for Spectrum to Control UAS

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) comprise one of the fastest growing sectors of the aerospace industry. Already being used in precision agriculture, emergency management, weather forecasting, infrastructure management and wildlife protection, UAS have the potential to reshape many businesses, if the appropriate resources are dedicated for them. To help open this market, invigorate American innovation and […]

American Aerospace and Defense Shines in Singapore

Today, aviation enthusiasts and industry partners alike converge in Singapore for the 2018 Singapore Airshow, touted as “Asia’s largest aerospace and defence event.” Set along the water and housed in the Changi Exhibition Centre, aerospace and defense companies from around the world will showcase their platforms. Months prior to today’s first flyover though, AIA was […]

Visit by Japanese Space Officials Highlights Cooperation and Growth of Global Space Enterprise

Yesterday, AIA had the honor of welcoming to our association a delegation of Japanese government and industry space officials, representing one of the world’s most dynamic space-faring nations. Our discussions focused on growing global space activities, with Goldman Sachs predicting a tripling of the market for space systems and space enabled services to $1 trillion […]