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For questions about employment or if you are interested in applying for any position within AIA, please send a resume and cover letter to We encourage all prospective employees to review the Employee Code of Conduct online before applying to understand what is expected of all AIA staff. AIA is an equal opportunity employer.


Corporate Events organizes, coordinates and executes all major AIA events and meetings, including bi-annual Board of Governors and Membership Meetings, the Supplier Management Council Meetings, AIA Executive Committee Meetings, and major events at international trade shows.

Heritage Month Spotlight: Marcia Anglin-Livingstone

Marcia Anglin-Livingstone Manufacturing Manager Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems Many differences, one goal “Here’s a life lesson: be respectful of differences and different views in life. If you have a common goal you can work together successfully.” That’s a lesson Marcia Anglin-Livingstone lives by. Livingstone, a manufacturing manager at Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems, came […]

6 Steps Towards the Future of Urban Air Mobility

Last week, we shared a glimpse into the future of Urban Air Mobility and the potential solutions it provides for our country’s outdated and crumbling infrastructure, increasingly long morning commutes, and transportation challenges faced by those who are elderly or disabled. Full integration of UAM is not an “if,” but a “when.” To get to […]

Commute in the Skies? The Future of Urban Air Mobility

America’s infrastructure is seriously outdated, contributing to record congestion, growing environmental concerns, and people spending more time in their vehicles than ever before. But what if a considerable amount of traffic was lifted up into the sky? That’s the potential relief Urban Air Mobility, or UAM, can provide to the country’s infrastructure and the taxpayer […]

What’s Next for AIA

This year, AIA marks a century of representing the industry that has shaped modern life from the moment we first touched the skies.

Heritage Month Spotlight: Al Williams, Harris Corp.

To highlight the talented and diverse workforce in aerospace & defense, we’re telling the stories of individuals within our member companies throughout 2019’s heritage months. A&D features some of the best talent across the country, and remains an industry focused on becoming more inclusive and more innovative. Follow along to learn the stories of some […]

Shutdown Series: Impact on American Aerospace & Defense #3

On January 25, Congress passed a temporary funding bill through February 15 that President Trump signed into law. The end of the shutdown provides some relief to more than 800,000 federal employees who went unpaid for 35 days. Though a temporary solution is now in place, we will continue to highlight the shutdown’s impacts on A&D until a long-term deal is reached.