U.S. at DAS 19: What’s Next for American Civil Aviation

For many years, American civil aviation has cruised at a steady altitude. The last massive shift in aviation was the jet age which fundamentally changed the way we travel, connecting the world in ways we previously could only imagine.

It isn’t that our industry has not innovated. From the first 747 to the 787, airplane products have evolved. But outside of a short flirtation with supersonic flight, we travel in much the same way as our parents did, flying from point A to point B, and then taking ground transportation to our final destination.

Today, a significant change is on the horizon. We stand on the cusp of the world of the Jetsons, with drone deliveries, Urban Air Mobility vehicles, supersonic aircraft, and electric-hybrid propulsion. These are exciting times for civil aviation, and we’re proud to be at the Dubai Airshow to showcase the best of American innovation and industry.

From our perspective, America is leading the way. Companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Google Wing and Bell are working with NASA and the FAA on amazing projects like the NASA Grand Challenge and the FAA Integrated Pilot Project. These public-private partnerships are helping the U.S. experiment, innovate, and eventually deliver on the promise of tomorrow.

The Dubai Airshow is the perfect venue for these partnerships to grow. It’s a place to meet, to engage, to view, and to marvel. It’s at the Dubai Airshow that we not only imagine the future, but can start to shape it.

And this is just the beginning for American Industry. When it comes to aviation, the sky is certainly not the limit.