International Air Shows and American Ingenuity

AIA has worked with the US government agencies for over 50 years to establish an American presence at airshows around the globe. We travel around the world, from the region shows like MSPO in Poland and Aero-expo in Marrakesh, to Continental shows like FIDAE in South America, and the big international shows in Farnborough, Singapore, Dubai as well as here at the International Paris Air Show in Le Bourget.

One of our goals on this international stage is to highlight our companies as incomparable partners for our allies and friends. America’s cutting edge achievements in aerospace and technology are on display at AIA member booths.  Construction in the halls is fast and furious to ensure everyone looks their best and is ready to receive distinguished visitors and potential customers at the show opening Monday morning. As staff watching all the cranes and trucks moving around in the general chaos we can’t help but notice how much of this show is comprised of American companies.  Just like you can’t help but notice how impressive all those companies look.  Taking in things like the engine mock ups, the flight simulators, the overhead displays and the unmanned systems, you have to ask yourself, who wouldn’t want to do business with us.

Many recognize AIA as the convener of choice through our hosting of round tables with U.S. government distinguished visitors, but we have an additional, and just as important role here at the shows.  AIA works to support the arrival, placement and operations of the U.S. military aircraft at the shows.  By ensuring the support of these airframes, AIA helps member companies highlight not only the platforms but all the pieces that make these platforms the leading examples of aerospace technology throughout the world.  We take seriously our responsibility to assist in showcasing our equipment as the brightest and best in capability, innovation, and endurance. Here at the AIA OpCenter, staff is always excited to support the US military aircrew at the airshows. Currently, we are starting the process of positioning the aircraft in the U.S. corral.  The F-15 has already landed, along with the P-8, CH-47, AH-64.  We also have, for the first time ever at an air show, the brand new KC-46, which is rolling into place as I am typing away.  Still to come: C-130J, C-130H and the F-35.

Once you visit the halls and chalets and marvel at the American ingenuity here at the show, please take some time to stop by the AIA OpCenter for a tour of the U.S. corral.  We would love to have an opportunity to show off these aircraft and systems to you.  And don’t forget to say thank you to the U.S. military not only for their service but also for standing with the equipment here at the International Paris Air Show.