2018 Product Support and Tech Data Workshop

Oklahoma City, OK

April 23 - 26 2018

AIA’s Product Support & Technical Data Workshop offers industry and government representatives an opportunity to exchange collective viewpoints how lifecycle product support concepts must realign with the complex technologies and the current state of “Affordable Military Readiness.”

As military capabilities of nation states and non-state actors are improving across all domains; product support policies, integrated logistic support (ILS) specifications and innovative technical data solutions are the cornerstone in helping the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Services stay abreast with the dynamic threat environment faced by today’s warfighter. AIA encourages your attendance to ensure Life Cycle Product Support concepts, partnerships and business processes are remaining effective and reliable.

The 2018 AIA Product Support & Tech Data Workshop will be held in Oklahoma City, OK. 

Meeting highlights include:

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Gery Mras
Director, Life Cycle Management