2018 S1000D User Forum & ILS Specification Day

Ritz-Carlton New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

September 10 - 13 2018

2018 S1000D User Forum & ILS Specification Day 

“Integrated and Interoperable Lifecycle Specifications
The Driving Element for Product Support Innovation”

S1000D User Forum (September 10-12)

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Tutorial Session I
S1000D Overview

Tutorial Session II
S1000D Implementation – A Generic Viewpoint


Plenary Session
AIA Update
ATA e-Business Program Overview
AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe Overview
S100D Specification Year in Review Capstone Panel

Salon I & II Tech Management Track
Simplifying Workflow in S1000D
Diagnostic and Prognostic Data Enabled S1000D Intelligent Application
S1000D Style Guides for Effective Content Reuse
Using X3D with S1000D

Salon III Use Cases Track
Implementation of S1000D in NAVSEA
Defense Interest Group S1000D in Defense Projects
S1000D Applicability Model Evolution and Application
Standardizing Diverse Documents in an MRO Solution
The Journey to Globalization: Building a Successful and Scalable S1000D Authoring and Data Delivery Methodology


Salon I & II Data Conversion and Tech Management Track
S1000D Conversion/Upgrade, Lessons Learned
Using Automation for S1000D Conversion and QA
The Joys of Converting Word/PDF to S1000D
Delivering Results from Multiple S1000D Issues
Was, Is and Will Be – Adaption and Implementation of S1000D into Australian Defense
Applicability – A Loony Man’s Dream or an Innovative Solution
ASD-STE100 Implementation in S1000D: Improving Clarity to Reduce Human Factor Risks and Optimize Translation Costs
Technical and Managerial Challenges Using S1000D in Practice
PLM, The Digital Thread and ASD Standards
Technical and Managerial Challenges Using S1000D in Practice
From STE to S1000D to IoT
S1000X – Input Data Specification for S1000D

S-Series ILS Specification Day (September 13)

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S-Series Keynote Address
S-Series ILS Specification Overview
Updates to Common Data Model
ASD-STE100: Simplified Technical English, from Aerospace and Defense and Beyond
The S-Series ILS Specifications Contracting Panel
Implementation and Experiences in Usages of S2000M in International and Nationals Projects
Implementation of the Maintenance “Planning and Improvement” Process in a central and integrated ILS-Repository
Use of S5000F for Exchanging NH90 Maintenance Data 
Implementation Challenges of S-Series Specification, S3000L/S2000M