2019 Events

Arizona Aerospace & Defense Workforce/STEM Summit

UTC Aerospace Systems, 3420 South 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85040

October 11 2018

Join us at the AIA Arizona A&D Workforce/STEM Summit!  This forum is a call-to-action to gather stakeholder organizations (aerospace & defense companies, K-12, universities, STEM nonprofits, local and state government) together to address the STEM workforce pipeline issues.  This workforce summit is also an opportunity to inspire more collaboration, alignment and sharing of best practices that yield a more systemic approach ensuring qualified workers.  Through openly discussing the importance of STEM education and workforce development challenges faced by the state and region, the summit will foster a sense of urgency to collectively develop action plans that ultimately produce a sufficient hiring pool of qualified STEM graduates to meet expected future A&D industry workforce demands.