Inspiring the Next Generation of Astronauts, Scientists, & Explorers

Building the next generation of astronauts, scientists, and explorers starts with empowering today’s students at a young age. But where a student is from should not determine their future – there must be equal opportunity for everyone, no matter their zip code.

To bring the wonder of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to more students, AIA partnered with First Book to launch our My Place in Space campaign in December, delivering 20,000 STEM-themed books featuring diverse characters to low income students across the country. But we’re not stopping there. While the books are a big part of getting these young students to reach for the stars, we also believe the amazing members of our workforce – our industry’s strongest asset – can inspire kids even more.

Thanks to the commitment of member companies and their employees, the women and men creating the innovative technologies of tomorrow are scheduling reading events in classrooms across the country after students return to school.

At the first two events, hosted by L3Harris Technologies in Melbourne, FL and Greenville, TX, the students’ faces lit up as the team, including CEO Bill Brown, brought author and pilot Beverley Bass’ “Me and the Sky: Captain Beverley Bass, Pioneering Pilot,” to life. Bass, who was honored as one of our Centennial Aerospace Champions last year, has a story that shows how perseverance can shatter glass ceilings and bring our world closer together.

These are just the first of our inspiring events, and we look forward to hosting more with our member companies in the future. Because we’re not just giving students the chance to meet the people behind the technology. We’re encouraging them to dream of a day when they’re the ones building the innovations that move, secure, and connect our world.