Heritage Month Spotlight: Anthony Lor, Ball Aerospace

Anthony Lor
Network Operations Specialist
Ball Aerospace

“Two roads diverge in a wood… and I took the one less traveled… and that has made all the difference.”

Anthony Lor, a second-generation Hmong American born in the United States, strives to live his life by those words from Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken.” He seeks out life’s challenges. It’s a philosophy that drove him to a career in aerospace, and has indeed made all the difference.

The son of two immigrants who came to the United States with limited knowledge of English, Anthony often faced struggles growing up, and the road to attaining a college degree was not easy.

“There were always challenges,” said Lor, a network operations specialist at Ball Aerospace. “But I never let that hold me back from my potential, and I’m proud to say I recently earned my bachelor’s degree in business administration and will begin an MBA program in July.”

Family is important to Anthony. In fact, it was another family member, his father-in-law Washeng, who encouraged Anthony to apply for a job at Ball Aerospace.

“He shared stories about the amazing programs he was working on as a machinist at Ball,” said Lor, who joined his father-in-law at the company in September 2018. “He really feels a sense of ownership, knowing he is directly enabling our customers’ missions to be successful.”

Photo courtesy of Ball Aerospace

Powered by endlessly curious people and an unwavering mission focus, Ball Aerospace pioneers discoveries that perform beyond expectation and protect what matters most.

Since starting at Ball, Anthony has worked as part of a team that ensures the network infrastructure of the entire company is up and running, guaranteeing all employees can perform their responsibilities.

“From getting new employees set up with their phones and computers to ensuring the network stability of a large test environment during important projects, I always feel like I am helping our people and our company be successful,” said Lor. “It has been a great experience, and I have grown so much already.”

Anthony has also found value in Ball’s employee resource groups. The company’s Ball Resource Groups (BRGs) are visible, value-added organizations that build and support a diverse and inclusive environment.

“I joined the Asian Ball Resource Group because I wanted to be a part of something bigger,” said Lor. “It is a great social group and helped me connect with my colleagues, especially as a new hire.”

Ball’s best-in-class employee resource groups were listed among the reasons Forbes magazine named the company its number one employer for diversity in 2019.

Anthony lives in Colorado with his wife and two dogs. Outside of the office, he spends his free time studying in preparation for his MBA program. Anthony has already led major projects at Ball, and hopes his MBA will prepare him for a project management role.

Anthony’s parents’ experience taught him to take nothing for granted and always live life to the fullest. With a loving family, rewarding career and plans to further his education, Anthony is taking his parents’ wisdom to heart.

Anthony’s advice for living life to the fullest: “Don’t be afraid to take the challenging path.”