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The aerospace and defense industry faces numerous compliance requirements from the government and from with its own internal standards of excellence. Such requirements cover numerous aspects of the supply-chain and include materials usage, counterfeit parts, manufacturing procedures, hiring practices and other aspects of the industry. AIA and its members are committed to ensuring that all […]


The aerospace and defense industry supports the Department of Defense’s (DOD) efforts to protect against the proliferating cyber threat. As we strive to improve the security of the nation’s aerospace and defense cyber architecture, we need to avoid static, check-list solutions to a problem that requires dynamic, risk-based assessment and solutions. These solutions vary widely […]


The global aviation industry takes its environmental impacts seriously. AIA and American manufacturers are committed to playing our part in reducing the climate, noise and air quality impacts of our products. GLOBAL COOPERATION Given the global nature of aviation, addressing environmental impacts is most effective when it is done at the international level with common […]

Emerging Aviation Technologies

As the Aerospace and Defense industry look towards the future, we are reimagining how goods and people will be moved, and services will be provided. Imagine placing an online order and the package being delivered to your door in less than two hours via drone, travelling from New York to London in 3.5 hours, or […]

Future of Regulation

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Blockchain in Aerospace & Defense

For an aerospace and defense industry that relies on complex global supply chains and securing sensitive information, distributed ledger, also known as “blockchain,” technology offers solutions. Blockchain is revolutionizing business at a pace that will not allow industries to wait and see what happens. To keep up, A&D organizations must educate themselves and assess blockchain’s […]

AIA Welcomes Confirmation of Steve Dickson as FAA Administrator

Statement by Aerospace Industries Association President and CEO Eric Fanning Arlington, Va. —Today’s Senate confirmation of Steve Dickson as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator is an important step that will strengthen the agency’s ability to ensure American air safety, invest in critical infrastructure, and implement regulation that keeps the flying public safe and supports […]

Intellectual Property

The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) seeks a strong intellectual property (IP) system that encourages private investment in research and development (R&D) of existing aerospace and defense technologies and encourages the significant risk and private investment required to develop new and improved technologies. IP protection and contractual certainty are key to a reasonable return on investment […]


Access to radiofrequency spectrum is critical to everything that the Aerospace and Defense industry creates and operates. Every time a plane takes off, a missile is launched or a UAS flies it relies on interference free access to spectrum in order to do so. These cutting-edge technologies must be safely and securely tested to ensure […]

Safety and Certification

Global aviation, particularly in the United States, is remarkably safe. Safety is the primary driver for our manufacturers and we are always seeking to support improvements, as providing confidence in the system is critical to our success. Our members do this through design revisions, testing, maintenance, training and data analysis by stakeholders across the aviation […]


Airspace is the glue that holds the Aerospace and Defense industry together. Every plane, UAS, missile or platform must travel through airspace to get where it is going. Managing the Nation Airspace System is a complex challenge and relies on the most sophistic Air Traffic Management system for airspace above 400 feet and what will […]