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A Framework for Understanding REACH with Guidelines for Integrating Systems and Addressing Compliance Requirements

Best Practices for Exploiting the Consumerization of Information Technologies

The nature of the aerospace and defense business implies that the industry is one of the most severe test cases for the effective deployment of new consumer devices, virtualization of storage and processors and Internet connectivity. These guidelines describe best practices for companies to assess the risks involved in exploiting new technologies and capabilities within […]

Policies and Codes of Conduct for the Use of Social Network

This document recommends templates for the policies and codes of conduct that companies should apply to their employees’ use of social networking tools, depending on whether those tools are hosted in a private, community or public environment. The recommendations are based on best practices from member companies.

Electronic Knowledge Management

This document contains guidelines to assist organizations in developing an overall Electronic Knowledge Management strategy. It addresses the challenges of capturing and retaining the tacit knowledge from members of a workforce so that it can be exploited across the organization, even after individuals are no longer present, and managing ESI and other forms of information.

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