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Aviation Safety

Safety does not happen by chance. It takes dedication, perseverance, a commitment to excellence and the brightest people in their fields working towards a singular goal. That is why one of the most vital jobs we have as an industry is to help ensure the safety of the civil and commercial aviation equipment that is manufactured to operate both inside and outside of U.S. regulatory airspace. It is our duty to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding the best available standards and retaining the brightest people so that our industry may continue to help improve upon the strong record of safety that exists in aviation. Looking at the standards our industry has set over the last several decades it is no wonder that aviation is now safer than it has ever been due to the scrutinizing processes new products must endure throughout the research, development, testing and roll-out processes and extending to ongoing maintenance and inspection of aircraft. Additionally, while working with regulatory agencies, AIA has ensured that new rules and policies set for our industry maintain the integrity of these standards for safety excellence.


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