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Export Control Reform

Why ECR?

Export control reform is a solid pillar of AIA’s strategy to ensure U.S. industry remains globally competitive in the aerospace and defense sector and to build partnership capacity for foreign partners and allies. To have modern export control system in place, it is important that items slated to be brought to the Commerce Control List are completed and that actions are taken to address technologies unnecessarily remaining on the U.S. Munitions List. AIA is working with its U.S. Government partners to identify defense trade priority partners and programs in line with our national security strategy to ensure synchronization between the views of industry and government in technology trends and developments. AIA continues to work on key aspects of export control reform, such as definition and harmonization, caseload management, program licensing, and unmanned aerial systems as they relate to the Missile Technology Control Regime.



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Remy Nathan

Senior Vice President, Policy

Dak Hardwick

Vice President, International Affairs

Kelvin Stroud

Director, Supply Chain and Policy Integration