Industry Issues

Intellectual Property

The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) seeks a strong intellectual property (IP) system that encourages private investment in research and development (R&D) of existing aerospace and defense technologies and encourages the significant risk and private investment required to develop new and improved technologies.

IP protection and contractual certainty are key to a reasonable return on investment and prevents other companies from unfairly using a company’s privately funded technology. AIA strongly believes that competition, innovation, and private investment objectives are best achieved when companies are able to rely on their IP as a competitive advantage.

Attempts to neutralize an innovative company’s competitive advantage through excessive government control of IP discourages continued investment and innovation and is incompatible with aerospace and defense business models. Conversely, robust IP protection and continued R&D investment are critical to sustaining a vibrant and innovative aerospace and defense supply base and to maintaining America’s technological superiority in support of the National Defense Strategy.

Key intellectual property policy priorities include:

  • Legislative and regulatory solutions aimed at balancing the government’s organic maintenance needs and desire for competition against contractors’ need to protect privately-funded R&D to foster innovation.
  • A common IP policy applied consistently across the Department of Defense (DOD).
  • Support for DOD efforts to ensure relevant interfaces are open to enable competition.
  • Opposing policies that would enable a company to obtain a ‘free ride’ on another company’s privately-funded R&D.


Jason Timm

Director, Defense Policy & Integration