Industry Issues


Access to radiofrequency spectrum is critical to everything that the Aerospace and Defense industry creates and operates. Every time a plane takes off, a missile is launched or a UAS flies it relies on interference free access to spectrum in order to do so. These cutting-edge technologies must be safely and securely tested to ensure our systems meet the safety requirements of the customer.

The performance of high-tech platforms, systems, and solutions that we innovate, develop, manufacture, and deploy are dependent on spectrum preservation and access, including next generation sharing frameworks.

Our industry is also embracing new technologies like “5G” which once fully deployed has the potential to change the way our world connects and transform the way we live and do business. This technology must be rolled out in a safe fashion though. Any changes to the current allocation of spectrum could have ripple effects on every system using the same or adjacent bands. Rushing ahead with 5G without proper testing could create harmful interference issues with existing aviation, space, and defense equipment currently operating.

AIA engages directly on this topic with policymakers and key staff at government agencies through our Spectrum Subcommittee as part of the Emerging Technology Committee.


Karina Perez

Director, Unmanned and Emerging Aviation Technologies