AIA Calls on Congressional Leaders to Finalize FY 18 Spending and Revise Budget Control Act Caps

Statement by AIA President and CEO David F. Melcher urging Congress and President Trump to negotiate and finalize FY 18 appropriations bills.

Arlington, Va. — The Aerospace Industries Association calls on Congress and President Trump to pass a bipartisan solution that finalizes discretionary spending for FY 18 and revises the Budget Control Act (BCA) shortly after it returns in January. Confidence in our elected leaders diminishes when they persistently fail to keep the federal government operating with the resources necessary to sustain key government programs and to fully support America’s military deployed across the globe.

Today’s action represents the third consecutive continuing resolution and means that the government is once again on the inefficient path of operating with unnecessary budgetary uncertainty. Too many government responsibilities from national security to public safety are negatively impacted when full-year appropriations are delayed. AIA has aggressively advocated with key officials in both the legislative and executive branches for repeal or substantial upward revision of the BCA caps. No legislative outcome is more central to this industry’s ability to continue making a positive and substantial economic, safety and national security contribution than completing full-year appropriations bills that adequately fund critical agencies.

The aerospace and defense industry is an essential sector within the American economy, employing 2.4 million people – constituting 13% of the U.S. manufacturing base – and with a demonstrated capacity for creating high-skill, high-wage jobs. We can’t execute, however, on our critical missions of enhancing the flying public’s safety, sustaining American leadership in space, and supplying American and allied forces with equipment and technology necessary to win, while the federal government’s funding remains in flux.

We strongly encourage our elected leaders to reach an agreement finalizing FY 18 spending as soon as possible.