AIA Mourns President George H.W. Bush

Statement by AIA President and CEO Eric Fanning on the passing of President George H.W. Bush.

Arlington, Va. — Today America mourns the passing of a great American patriot, President George H.W. Bush. Throughout his life, President Bush was a dedicated public servant with a grand vision of what America should aspire to be.

From his service as a naval aviator during World War II, through his time in Congress and as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency to his terms as Vice President and President of the United States, President Bush set an example of working collaboratively for the common good.

He had a deep understanding of the role a strong and free United States must play in achieving a stable world order. His stewardship of the Western alliance during the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact helped shape the world for the better. And his leadership and international coalition building was key to freeing Kuwait from Iraqi occupation during the Gulf War.

President Bush had the vision to begin the project that would become the International Space Station, which today serves as a compelling example of American technological innovation and international cooperation.

As we reflect on his legacy, we take to heart the vital importance of working together for the common good. His 1993 Report on the Points of Light Movement says it best: “Points of Light are the soul of America. They are ordinary people who reach beyond themselves to touch the lives of those in need, bringing hope and opportunity, care and friendship. By giving so generously of themselves, these remarkable individuals show us not only what is best in our heritage but what all of us are called to become.”