AIA Pursuing Opportunities to Brief Presidential Candidates

Statement by Aerospace Industries Association President and CEO David F. Melcher on briefing the Trump campaign regarding AIA’s priorities.

Arlington, Va. — The Aerospace Industries Association participated in a meeting today with the Trump campaign to brief Mr. Trump on issues of importance to our industry. As the Voice of American Aerospace and Defense, AIA’s role is to educate our elected leaders, candidates for office and the general public on the importance of our industry to our economy and national security. AIA has also been in contact with the Clinton campaign regarding a similar opportunity to brief Secretary Clinton.

Early in the campaign season last year, AIA developed a series of position papers that we distributed to every Congressional and Presidential campaign. Those papers can be viewed here. We continue to pursue the opportunity to brief any active campaign on our priorities.

AIA is a strictly non-partisan organization and is not permitted – expressly or by implication – to endorse candidates for political office. Our briefings are for educational purposes only, and we welcome the opportunity to speak with the candidates about issues that matter to our nation, our industry and our members.