AIA Welcomes BCA Caps Agreement

Arlington, Va. — The Aerospace Industries Association welcomes the plan to complete Fiscal Year 2018 appropriations, and provide substantial relief from spending caps under the Budget Control Act (BCA) through Fiscal Year 2019. This two-year agreement will ensure key government responsibilities from national security to public safety can be executed.

“The bipartisan budget deal sets our country on the right path for the short term, but we recognize there’s still much work to be done,” said AIA President and CEO Eric K. Fanning. “The agreement once again confirms there remains broad consensus that the BCA is inadequate and should be fully repealed. In the interest of the safety and security of our country, and the vitality and global competitiveness of our industry, we support those efforts wholeheartedly.”

The addition of $165 billion for national security over the next two years represents a down payment on critically-needed investments in military readiness and capability, both now and for the future. Non-defense government programs will receive an additional $131 billion, including investments sustaining our leadership in science, technology and space exploration, and improving the safety and efficiency of American air space.

AIA has steadfastly urged key legislative and executive branch officials to repeal the 2011 Budget Control Act. Until Congress restores the process of providing robust, stable, and balanced appropriations for essential federal functions, our industry cannot reach its full potential in supporting America’s economic, safety and national security needs. We call on both Congress and the Administration to provide timely funding for these priorities.