AIA Welcomes Executive Order on Defense Industrial Base

Arlington, Va. — The Aerospace Industries Association welcomes the Executive Order President Trump signed Friday commissioning a whole-of-government assessment of America’s defense industrial base.

“America’s aerospace and defense industry is ready, willing and able to participate in the Defense Industrial Base study,” said AIA President and CEO David F. Melcher. “We want to be full partners in this process. Our industry’s contributions are vital components of U.S. national security and economic well-being and can’t be taken for granted.”

The Executive Order recognizes that gaps are emerging in our nation’s industrial capability. It places particular value on understanding the roles that manufacturing capacity, balanced international and defense trade, a robust and healthy workforce and a resilient supply chain play in our national security – issues that have been at the forefront of AIA’s advocacy.

“As the voice of American aerospace and defense, the Aerospace Industries Association has long been the convenor of choice between industry and our government partners on a variety of important issues concerning our nation’s security and economic prosperity,” Melcher said. “We look forward to working with the administration to ensure that the aerospace and defense industry – a thriving sector that embodies the best of our nation – remains strong both now and into the future.”

AIA, our 341 small, medium and large member companies, and our dedicated, highly skilled workforce are proud of the noble work we do supporting our men and women in uniform and contributing to the economic success of our nation. Our industry contributes the largest positive trade balance of any U.S. industry – $90 billion in 2016 – and supports more than 2.4 million jobs in the United States, including 13 percent of our nation’s manufacturing workforce. We have great potential to create more high-skill, high-wage jobs, particularly with strong investment in our nation’s defense.