AIA Welcomes U.S. Space Command Announcement

Arlington, Va. — We welcome the Administration’s continued focus on space and its importance to our national security. The newly announced U.S. Space Command has the potential to strengthen the United States’ ability to address the growing threats we face. But we must ensure that the process to stand it up is integrated with the other organizations that have been leading this work, because our country cannot afford to lose momentum in this critical area.

“Our everyday lives, the American economy, and U.S. military operations rely on our ability to operate freely and securely in space. Regardless of how national security space is organized, it must be properly resourced, and not at the expense of other vital defense efforts,” said AIA President and CEO Eric Fanning.

We encourage the U.S. government to ensure that the right strategies and organization are in place to combat threats against American space interests. The 2019 defense budget is a good start, but we look to Congress and the President to work together to ensure timely, adequate, and reliable funding not only this coming year, but into the future. With robust and steady support, the American aerospace and defense industry can continue empowering the brightest minds and building the best tools to secure U.S. space dominance for generations to come.