AIA President & CEO Eric Fanning on Successful InSight Landing

“Today’s InSight Mars landing is nothing short of a miracle of science, discovery, and determination. Since humankind first became fixated on the planets and stars, we’ve dreamed of exploring and understanding alien worlds. Thanks to InSight, we’ll be able to paint a more vivid picture of the Red Planet and lay the foundation for future human missions to Mars.

On behalf of AIA, congratulations to NASA, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, industry partners and our nation’s STEM workforce who helped make the InSight landing possible. Decades of national investment in science, education and space technology, and years of preparation led to InSight successfully surviving the “Seven Minutes of Terror,” and enabling what will likely be years of discoveries. By drilling down to the core of Mars, we’ll be able to study the interior of the planet, helping us answer key questions about the formation and evolution of similar worlds. This remarkable accomplishment will further American-led exploration of worlds beyond our own, and inspire the next generation of young Americans to take humanity even further.”

-Eric Fanning
President & CEO, Aerospace Industries Association