AIA Renews Call to Pass FY20 Appropriations

Statement by Aerospace Industries Association President and CEO Eric Fanning

Arlington, Va. — The continuing resolution (CR) signed today was a necessary step to fund the federal government while Congress and the Administration work to finalize Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 appropriations. But year after year, Congress and the Administration rely on CRs as a short-term fix instead of finalizing full-year appropriations. Once again, we face a potential shutdown that would threaten the livelihoods of many Americans in the midst of the holiday season. This continued uncertainty and delay jeopardizes the strength and stability of our industry, economy, and national security.

Delaying government funding deprives leaders of the military and critical aerospace programs of the certainty needed to effectively plan and carry out their responsibilities. NASA has warned that further CRs could delay the human lunar exploration program, and leaders from the Army, Navy, and Air Force have recently spoken out on the harm of CRs to military modernization. Without timely and sufficient resources, we risk America’s leadership in innovation, exploration, and security.

Congress is also on the verge of failing to reauthorize the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank), a vital tool for businesses of all sizes that make up and sustain our industry’s supply chain. Foreign competitors are using their countries’ export credit agencies—more than 110 around the world—to increase sales and gain an advantage in the market. The Ex-Im Bank is a powerful equalizer that helps ensure lasting support for U.S. exporters as they compete in the global market. It cannot be allowed to expire.

The American workforce and economy can’t afford another costly federal funding disruption—whether in the form of a long-term CR or a government shutdown. We urge Congress and the President to pass and sign a finished bipartisan FY20 budget and reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank by the December 20th deadline.

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