Workforce Feature: Bethany Hostetler – Raytheon

Name:  Bethany Hostetler
College: Indiana University
Position at Raytheon:  Finance

What do you find exciting about your area of focus or your specific job at Raytheon?
It’s a very diverse company.  Being an innovative company, that brings in a lot of different ideas.

Anything else you’d like to provide that you think would encourage someone to consider a STEM career in aerospace and defense?

Several things mentioned by Raytheon employees:

  1. Wage gap?  Not here.
    Raytheon routinely runs internal analyses to find and fix disparities.
  1. You Can Get Ahead
    The best-known tech companies are flooded with resumes.  That means you may spend years fighting the pack to get beyond an entry-level job.  But at defense companies-especially those with less name recognition-the opportunities for promotions and cool assignments are often much greater.
  1. A Great Track Record in Tech
    Many innovations and technologies came directly from aerospace and defense work. The Internet was a DARPA project.  GPS. The cell phone.  The miniaturization of the technology that makes your cell phone possible came out of the space program. (AIA)
  1. You Get to Have a Life
    Many A&D companies offer flexibility.  Defense companies work on government contracts with fixed timetables and payments at certain stages of development.  This allows them to better manage employee schedules.  At Raytheon, many employees work what’s known as a 9/80 schedule, meaning they put in their time and take every other Friday off.
  1. You Have Fascinating Coworkers
    Coming into the office has benefits-like working alongside people who have done incredible things.  Aerospace and defense companies are packed with fascinating characters:  astronauts, quantum physicists, former Hollywood animators, admirals, even fighter pilots who trained at TOPGUN.  Also, a lot of “Star Wars” fans.