Workforce Feature: Jeffrey W. – BAE Systems

Name: Jeffrey W.
College: Northeastern University (undergraduate), Johns Hopkins (graduate)
Field(s) of study: Computer Science, Physics
Position at BAE Systems: Software Engineer
Years at BAE Systems: 1

What do you find exciting about your area of focus or your specific job at BAE Systems?
As a software engineer on a research project, I spend my day figuring out how to apply brand new technologies to really hard problems. That means that every single day, I’m tackling a new problem and learning something new. It’s impossible to get bored in that type of environment. On top of that, I get to work on a really, really cool project that saves soldiers’ lives—the type of project that I thought only existed in science fiction or video games until I began to work on it.

Why do you think young adults should consider careers in STEM?
The possibilities of a STEM career are endless. If you are interested in building rockets that will take us to Mars, discovering the next medical breakthrough, or creating the next great mobile application, a STEM education will provide you the skills you need. Or, if you are unsure what you want to do for your career (like I was) a STEM education is a great idea because it is broadly applicable to a wide range of industries, leaving you with plenty of options to explore.