Workforce Feature: Ryan Shelley – Boeing

Name: Ryan Shelley
College: Purdue University
Field(s) of study: Aerospace Engineering
Position at Boeing: Process Engineer
Years at Boeing: 5

What do you find exciting about your area of focus or your specific job at Boeing?

The best part of being a process engineer is working to help people. Internally, we use software to manage all of the information necessary to build an airplane. How do you design an aircraft with people that live in different countries? Once you have designed the aircraft, how do you explain to someone else how to build it? Answering these questions takes smart, creative people to design ways of using software to better help others.

Why do you think young adults should consider careers in STEM?
Some of the world’s most exciting and toughest challenges require people that have great problem solving skills. Early exposure to STEM classes helps people learn the problem solving process. From sending people to other planets to ending world hunger, these complex solutions will be created by some of the best problem solvers. Problems solvers that will likely have had exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.