Workforce Feature: Vijay B. – BAE Systems

Name: Vijay B.
College: University of Connecticut
Field(s) of study: Computer Science and Engineering
Position at BAE Systems: Software Engineer
Years at BAE Systems: 1

What do you find exciting about your area of focus or your specific job at BAE Systems?
The most exciting part of my job is the opportunity I have to consistently learn something new. We are constantly designing, and developing new capabilities, while also testing the performance of existing features to find areas for improvement. Developing a product that is required to be both versatile, and reliable while easing the workload of the operator involves a unique mix across many disciplines. Leveraging existing hardware capabilities, and maximizing our efficiency using software is an extremely interesting facet of my work, and I find myself learning new things every day.

Why do you think young adults should consider careers in STEM?
A career in STEM allows you to make a real, and direct impact on the world. There is no denying that Science and Math are everywhere. In an era dominated by technology, pursuing a career in STEM allows you to actually create something that can help solve problems both big and small. From creating a new game application to play on your mobile device, to helping design the next generation fighter-jet… the possibilities are endless.