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Rusty Rentsch

Rusty Rentsch

Vice President, Technical Operations

(703) 358-1054

Rusty Rentsch is Vice President for Technical Operations, supporting the AIA Technical Operations Council and the AIA Standards Program. Rentsch is responsible for facilitating the priorities and objectives of Council and its committees that supports a healthy U.S. Aerospace and Defense industrial base; and, advocating for programs, policies, and investments that promote innovation and technology in the U.S. aerospace and industrial community.

Rentsch has been with AIA for 15 years and over 10-years in both commercial and defense aerospace sectors.  He held Technical Support Engineering and Commercial Support positions with Textron Lycoming, Messier-Services Inc., and Messier-Dowty.  Additionally, Rentsch has several years of experience in product development and management in the telecommunications and logistics industries.

Rentsch chaired the American National Standards Institutes (ANSI) ISO Forum and has chaired the ISO Technical Committee 20 for Aircraft and Space Vehicles. Currently, Rentsch is leading AIA’s efforts to establish an A & D industry consortium for governing and promoting Blockchain/Distributed Ledger; expanding apprentices; and coordinating efforts with industry, academia and government stakeholders to create commonly accepted standards for Airworthiness Engineering Training.  In his experience, Rentsch has represented the interests of the U.S. aerospace industry as a member of the AIA-ASD-ATA S1000D Council, the AIA-ASD Integrated Logistics Support Specification Council and the ANSI-H35 Committee for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

Rentsch has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and ocean engineering from the University of Rhode Island and a Master Degree in Business Administration from George Mason University.

1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1700
Arlington, VA 22209-3928