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Continuing Quest for Quieter Aircraft

Modern day jet aircraft are more fuel efficient and quieter than ever before.  In the past 40 years jet aircraft have not only gained 70 percent greater fuel efficiency but are also about 90 percent quieter than their predecessors.  In the meantime, air traffic continues to increase – predicted to double by the year 2030 […]

NextGen: Proven Technology. Endangered Potential

Budget cuts are undermining the United States’ ability to fully implement the Next Generation Air Transportation System known as NextGen. This delayed implementation is slowing air travel efficiencies, compounding safety concerns and contributing to unnecessary environmental noise and air pollution. With U.S. air travel expected to grow by 19 percent by 2018, it is necessary […]

Space In Our World

This report highlights the need for space systems to be recognized as a national infrastructure priority becasue space systems and thier benefits have become an irreplaceable force for good in our nation and our world.

The Unseen Cost – An Update

In July 2009, the Aerospace Industries Association published a special report, The Unseen Cost: Industrial Base Consequences of Defense Strategy Choices. In this report, the AIA raised concerns regarding the long-term consequences and unintended impacts of contemporary defense strategies and direction. Recently, AIA has revisited this report.

Affordable Defense Logistics

“Life Cycle Product Support / Outcome Based Partnerships” and “Management of Commodities” have the potential to save an estimated $20 billion to $25 billion annually.

Human Capital Management

This report provides a framework of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for an organization to assess its ability to retain the critical knowledge that it needs, both internally and within its supply chain. It is recommended that an enterprise should assess its maturity against the KPIs and establish the level of capability that is required to […]

Defense Acquisition Reform: Moving Toward an Efficient Acquisition System

This report identifies the key elements of the DOD’s Efficiencies Initiative that are both doable and necessary. This report also identifies reforms to the system not included in the Efficiencies Initiative that we believe are necessary to ensure the ultimate beneficiary — the warfighter — has the tools needed at a cost that is acceptable […]

Defense Investment: Finding the Right Balance

Prepared by AIA’s National Security Council, this paper looks at historical spending in the investment accounts and the ebb and flow of spending since the 1970s. It concludes that our nation and its military members pay a large price when we decrease spending on procurement and R&D. We hope that these conclusions will help today’s […]

Counterfeit Parts: Increasing Awareness and Developing Countermeasures

Counterfeiting has a long and ignoble history, ranging from art and literature to manufactured goods. Unlike other industries, counterfeiting in the aerospace industry may have life or death consequences. We take the problem seriously. Thus, all stakeholders from industry and government must work together to effectively reduce the introduction of counterfeit parts into the aerospace […]