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Electronic Knowledge Management

This document contains guidelines to assist organizations in developing an overall Electronic Knowledge Management strategy. It addresses the challenges of capturing and retaining the tacit knowledge from members of a workforce so that it can be exploited across the organization, even after individuals are no longer present, and managing ESI and other forms of information.

Space Brochure: Maintain U.S. Global Leadership in Space

U.S. space efforts — civil, commercial and national security — drive our nation’s competitiveness, economic growth and innovation. To maintain U.S. preeminence in this sector and to allow space to act as a technological driver for current and future industries, our leadership must recognize space as a national priority and robustly fund its programs.

Joint Government and Industry Executive Forum for Lead (Pb)-free Electronics

Transitioning to lead-free electronics in the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry demands careful analysis and research into the performance, costs and availability of these materials. The Aerospace Industries Association sponsored a Joint Government and Industry Executive Forum for Lead-Free Electronics to examine the issues underlying implementation of these materials. The participants concluded a clear roadmap […]

Defense Research and Development

Federal investments in science and technology research and development are threatened by the current budget environment. The Aerospace Industries Association is embarking on an education effort to inform policymakers, elected leaders and the American public on the impact of federal R&D dollars on the innovations that redefine our everyday lives. This report – the first in a series that examines […]

Inside Aerospace: Working Together to Build the Aerospace Workforce of Tomorrow

Th is Report and Recommendations is the result of the sessions and discussions held at Inside Aerospace — An International Forum for Aviation and Space Leaders, held 13–14 May 2008 at the Doubletree Hotel Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia. The forum was organized by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and co-sponsored by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and the Aerospace […]

The Defining Workforce Challenge in U.S. Aerospace & Defense

A highly skilled and robust defense and aerospace workforce is essential to our nation’s security and economic prosperity. Yet today the industry faces impending retirements and a shortage of trained technical graduates while work and skills requirements become increasingly advanced – a challenging situation forecast to worsen in the next decade.

The Strength To Lift America: The State of the U.S. Aerospace & Defense Industry 2016

In January 2016, the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) partnered with business information group IHS Markit to produce an economic impact study of the U.S. Aerospace and Defense industry. The study, which was published in April of 2016, provided a comprehensive picture of the A&D industry through an array of key metrics that assessed industry size […]

2016 National Aerospace & Defense Summit: Proceedings Report and Recommendations

Building the nation’s 21st century aerospace and defense (A&D) workforce demands immediate action at the national level, and a commitment on the part of federal, state and local governments, industry organizations, and companies of all sizes. The U.S. A&D industry currently enjoys a prominent position in terms of global competitiveness and technical superiority – and plays a vital role in maintaining national security and sustaining U.S. innovation. Yet today the industry faces impending retirements and a shortage of trained technical graduates while work and skills requirements become increasingly advanced.

Funding Our Future: AIA Recommendations for Increasing NASA’s Budget

NASA has done great things – our robotic spacecraft have visited every planet in the solar system, we have discovered that nearly every star in the sky has its own planetary system and we have begun to understand our planet as a complex system. However, we should acknowledge that we have fallen short of our potential as a nation. […]

Engine for Growth: Analysis and Recommendations for U.S. Space Industry Competitiveness

Having a strong domestic space industry is crucial to our nation’s economic vitality and security. The U.S. space industry, which U.S. government national security and civil space programs increasingly depend upon, generates innovative solutions, export revenues and high technology jobs for our citizens, while underpinning our security in ways that are seldom understood by the […]

Aviation: A Critical Component of National Infrastructure

Today, America is on the move. Relying on an aging maritime, highway, rail, and airspace infrastructure, entire sectors of American industry are utilizing the nation’s transportation systems to move people and product; with the demand signal to do so faster and more efficiently growing exponentially. In the face of such a demand, we must be […]