Young A&D Professional: Emma Mitchell

Graduate Development Program Engineer
Rolls-Royce, N.A., 1 Year
B.S., University of Virginia, Aerospace Engineering

What do you find exciting about your area of focus or your specific job at Rolls-Royce?

The most exciting part of my job is having the opportunity to learn something new in various areas of the business every day.  In flight test, learning how to effectively work with customers, flying on board test aircraft, and getting to physically put my hands on some of our large civil engines and their parts every day makes for a fascinating job and a great hands-on learning experience.  It is amazing to see the engine in action, with all of the components and systems working as a unit to power an airplane’s flight.  In addition, having the chance to be involved in designing innovative propulsion systems to meet future needs gives me the opportunity to learn from our company’s experts and be a part of creating something new and exciting.

Why do you think young adults should consider careers in STEM?
A great deal of our world is driven by advances in science and technology.  With a STEM career, you are on the forefront of the changing technological landscape and can make a positive difference in whatever you choose, whether it is helping produce aircraft engines to safely transport people all over the world or developing a cure for an epidemic.  The need for innovative people in STEM fields will always be there, and those people get to shape the future.